Internship experience in online marketing

Internship experience in the field of online marketing


My name is Alisa and I study advertising and market communication. During my fourth semester, I completed my mandatory internship here at IT-WINGS for six months, from the beginning of March until the end of August 2021. During my internship I worked in the area of online marketing.

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My tasks

During my internship, I was trained in different areas of online marketing. The first area of online marketing I encountered was SEA. I was allowed to take care of Google Ads accounts and optimise them on an ongoing basis. This was followed by a deep dive into SEO. In addition to theoretical knowledge, I was able to acquire a lot of new experience during the entire SEO process, e.g. from conducting a keyword research to on-page optimisation. I got to know many new tools. I was able to quickly participate and contribute to the daily activities of the team. I also performed performance analysis for websites, newsletters and social media.

How was the internship?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I completed most of my internship from home. However, I was always in contact with the team via chats and meetings and could ask questions at any time. So, despite working from home, I quickly settled in and was warmly welcomed. Since we are a young and growing team, the atmosphere is very familiar and creative, which leaves room for new ideas. Interns are also encouraged to come up with new ideas and their own solutions.

In general, working at IT-WINGS is never boring and there are always new, exciting challenges that are part of the everyday life of a start-up.

My advice

In the field of digital analytics, data is at the forefront. It helps us to make better decisions and justify them more easily. As an intern, it is therefore an advantage if you have some understanding of data and enjoy working with it!


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