Using data from different sources is gaining in importance. The challenge of collecting, linking and interpreting data is increasing with the constant progress in technology. A holistic view of your data and the management-oriented preparation of analyses are our core competencies.
Using scientific analysis methods, we can evaluate data across channels to identify optimisation potential and improve online performance. You can see examples of our successes here:


Search engine optimisation - The potential of content optimisation. Using the example of a B2B company in Switzerland

Search Engine Optimization – SEO concerns all web pages of a website. This important tool of digital marketing allows the optimisation of content with the aim of achieving a better placement…

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Search engine advertising is an important part of performance marketing. Potential customers can be easily reached, given the high reach of search engines. Using the right….

Search engine advertising - identifying potential, analyzing data and improving performance. Using the example of a B2B company in France.

Search Engine Advertising – SEA, refers to all paid ads you see when using search engines. It is an important performance marketing tool to attract new potential customers. The high reach of …

SEO measures to improve the ranking & traffic of an accessories manufacturer

Using SEO tactics, websites can be optimised to rank higher organically (meaning unpaid search results). A higher ranking brings numerous advantages. More visitors, better client acquisition….

Analysis & revenue increasing allocation of an SEA budget for a specialist in the industrial branch

By using search engine advertising, a company has a powerful tool available. Given enormous reach of search engines, clever targeting can increase sales. Advertisements can be placed so that products…

Data analysis of eCommerce & online marketing data for a luxury company

The analysis of business-relevant online data is of great importance in the eCommerce sector. The implementation of digital analytics is a guarantee for success when employees learn how to…

Creating en eCommerce KPI dashboard using digital analytics for a consumer focussed company

Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is an important step towards solid digital analytics. By using a dashboard, you can depict important KPIs (such as site visits, conversions and bounce rate) in…

Social media analysis and goal calculation tool in the machine manufacturing industry

Conducting a social media analysis, you obtain important insight into your campaign performance. They help with measures your success, but also offer insights, which give you information about your….

Creating a persona & a marketing dashboard for a pharma company

With the help of a dashboard, important KPIs of a department can be displayed. These are very important when you’re commencing the decision process. The creation of a persona benefits every…

Data analysis and visualisation for a well-known radiator manufacturer

Data collection, analysis and visualization are important steps to ensure business success in the online space. By analysing the data we collected, actionable insights into various areas were realized. After analysis…