Digital Analytics – Case Study

Data analysis and visualisation of online data for an international heating systems manufacturer

Data collection, analysis and visualization are important steps to ensure business success in the online space. By analysing the data we collected, actionable insights into various areas were realized. After analysis and interpretation, these insights and key figures obtained thanks to special tracking tools are then presented through data visualization. The relevant and clearly presented information can be used not only to gain insights into the status quo, but also to make important future decisions and measure the success of campaigns.

Our client:

The client is a renowned and internationally operating manufacturer of heating products and industrial systems.


The client organised a week-long online trade fair, where users and interested parties could log in on various platforms. They could choose between different events in several languages.

It was our task to collect, structure and visualise the data collected at this event to learn more about participating customers and their interests. It was also important to provide our client with new insights and data-based recommendations for the sales team.

What we did:

The first step consisted primarily of creating reports in tools such as Google Analytics or Salesforce. The next step was to generate a match between the large number of different CSV files that were sent automatically at the end of a trade fair day. With the help of the matching, the data could be automatically stored in a MySQL database. This allowed us to analyse, how many people participated and what event they were interested in.

The next step was to merge this data stored in the SQL database with data from Salesforce. This enabled us to discover valuable sales information and trends for different countries and languages.

At the end of the project, this and other data, e.g. from YouTube and social media tools, were linked with Google Data Studio and visualized in an interactive dashboard.


The following Tools and technologies were used the analyse and visualise relevant data:

  • Google Analytics
  • SQL
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Drive
  • Salesforce

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