Performance Marketing - Case Study

Search engine advertising - identifying potential, analysing data and improving performance

What is SEA about?

Search Engine Advertising – SEA, refers to all paid ads you see when using search engines. It is an important performance marketing tool to attract new potential customers. The high reach of search engines enables companies to address many potential customers who are already specifically looking for a certain product or service. Only when they are regularly optimised will the ads appear on the first result page of search engines and reach the desired target group. What is the advantage of SEA? SEA gives you control over the costs and success of your campaigns. It is possible to react specifically to changes in performance and achieve direct results.

In this case study, we present an example of search engine ad improvement and creation for one of our B2B clients.

The client:

Our client is a leading B2B company in the industrial sector who runs an e-commerce store. The product portfolio now includes over 70,000 products. The company is represented in several countries worldwide and cooperates with IT-WINGS in the area of data-driven performance marketing and digital analytics. Our partnership exists since 2016.

Our goals:

The project has no expiration date. Its goal is to utilise the potential of search engine advertising and to increase performance. The overall goal is to use the budget in a targeted manner in order to reduce or keep costs constant and to increase sales and new customer acquisition.

Our optimisation approach:

In order to achieve the goal described above, a wide variety of tools were analysed in terms of demand and competition, and potential for new campaigns was identified. In addition, intensive discussions were held with the customer in order to define strategically meaningful products and to understand the customer needs behind them.

Based on the analyses and all the information, new campaigns were created and existing campaigns were optimised:

  • Optimization of the keyword set
  • Optimization of ad titles, descriptions and extensions
  • Adjustment of bidding strategies
  • Creation of dynamic and responsive Google Ads campaigns

Results for the period ranging from October 2021 to March 2022, compared with the previous year

We were able to achieve the following results due to measures we took for our customer. Overall, the results of our SEA campaigns are very positive compared to the same period last year with regard to the most important key performance indicators – KPIs.

These enormous increases show that the ad targeting was much better than a year ago. It is also clear here that we were able to achieve not only more traffic via analyses and optimization measures, but also increased traffic quality. We achieved more transactions and an increase in sales. It is also striking that we were able to accomplish an enormous increase in new customers at the same time.

Tools and technologies we used:

To increase the visibility and sales of our client, the following tools and technologies were used:

    • Google Ads
    • Google Analytics
    • Sistrix, Microsoft Excel, SERanking
    • PD Analytics

All ads and campaigns were created using Google Ads, which allowed us to target the ads to the client’s audience. In addition, Google Ads allows us to track KPIs in real time.

Google Analytics helped us to track marketing campaigns and analyze their results and those of the company website in more detail. It also provides us with a better idea about user behavioutcr and the quality of our website visitors.

With the help of Sistrix, Microsoft Excel and SERanking, we can target keywords that are relevant to our client and use them to optimise the keyword set of our search campaigns on Google Ads.

PD-Analytics is a proprietary tool we developed. It helps us to analyse the data from the PARTcommunity B2B platform and make predictions using our own algorithms. In doing so, we have yet another valuable source of data which helps us with determining the next steps for our SEA campaigns.

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