Performance Marketing – Case Study

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Search engine advertising is an important part of performance marketing. Potential customers can be easily reached, given the high reach of search engines. Using the right keywords and turning on the right ads, you can easily attract users to your product or service. SEA makes it possible to achieve the top spaces in the results page of targeted groups. 

This case study revolves around one of our B2B clients

Our client

This client runs an e-commerce shop that sells wool, yarns and accessories. The target audience of this client looks as follows:

Diagramm Geschlecht
Diagramm Alter


The goal of this project was to increase the visibility of the company. Our challenge was to generate lots of conversions with a small budget.

What we did:

To reach those goals, we optimised existing campaigns and ad groups within Google Ads. We created a new campaign structure to ensure a more organised account. We also created new keywords sets that suited the new ad groups. In addition, new ads and extensions were created. Existing ads were optimised by improving ad titles and descriptions and using the data at hand. During the entire campaign, we continuously optimised and keywords and search terms.

Overall, we implemented the following changes.

  • Creating a new campaign structure
  • Optimisation of the existing keyword set
  • Creation of new ads
  • Creation of new ad extensions
  • Optimisation of existing ad titles and descriptions

Results compared between 2019 and 2018

Our SEA efforts for this client yielded great results. Between January 2021 and June 2021, the amount of sessions increased by 20,97%. The bounce rate decreased by 0,28%. This shows that our ads were shown for relevant search terms and users were shown the right product. Sites per session increased by 8,25%; meaning customers spent more time on the website. The conversion rate increased by 23,81%. Simply said: more website visitors bought something. Transactions increased by 49,78%, leading to a revenue increase of 47,07%. Overall, the following successes were recorded:


We used the following tools and technologies to increase the visibility and revenue of the company:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Sistrix, Microsoft Excel, SERanking

Google Ads was used to create product ads and to select appropriate keywords. Google Ads also shows you relevant KPIs, such as costs and revenue.

Google Analytics helps search engines to track marketing campaigns. This tool allows you to check important KPIs and website statistics.

Sistrix, Microsoft Excel and SERanking allow you to find keywords that are relevant for our clients and thereby improve the keyword set for the Google Ads campaigns.

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