Ad schedule


The ad scheduler is a Google Ads tool that allows you to monitor and define the delivery times of the ads. The ad scheduler is always based on the time zone used in the Google Ads account.

Through the advertising scheduler, the performance of the campaign can be observed and analysed on day & time. In addition, the advertising scheduler can be used to define different time periods per day on which the ads are to be delivered. It is also possible to adjust the bids for individual entries.

A maximum of 6 advertising schedulers per day and campaign can be switched!

Application example

Example: A company starts with Google Ads without restrictions in the advertising schedule. It strikes the marketing manager that the ads are no longer being delivered due to budget. However, he cannot increase the budget. He then looks at the delivery of the ads on a daily and time of day basis and finds that most conversions occur

  • Mondays between 10 am – 4 pm
  • Tuesdays between 08 – 20
  • Wednesdays between 7 am – 5 pm
  • Thursdays all day
  • Fridays between 6.30 -12 o’clock

can be made. He restricts delivery based on his analysis in the advertising scheduler and can thus use the budget in a more targeted manner.