For most tracking tools such as Google Analytics, a session begins when the user accesses the website or the first page view and describes the active duration of use of a visitor to a website or app. A session always occurs when there is at least one page view on the website. A session can include several page impressions.

In addition, one user can trigger multiple sessions. Most tracking tools can recognise the user(s) at the next session via cookie information. Thus, the number of sessions per user can be accumulated within a period of time.

If the visitor is inactive for at least 30 minutes, i.e. does not interact with the website, a new session is counted for each subsequent activity. An activity can be a call of different pages (so-called page views), the clicking on different website elements (so-called events) or the achievement of website goals (so-called conversions).

Additional information

Accordingly, the three quantities are always related and refer to each other.

  • Visitor: Designation for a person who is on the website for at least one session.
  • Session (visit/session): Always occurs when there is at least one page view. Several page impressions are possible within one visit.
  • Page view: Term for loading a new page or the current page. This metric is also often called view or pageview.