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Digital Analytics Seminars

Our digital analytics training courses cover both technical and analytical aspects.

During our technical tracking training, we will show you how the various tracking processes can be set up using a tag manager such as Google Tag Manager or Piwik. In addition, we explain the advantages that each respective tag manager brings to the table when implementing advanced tracking scenarios. In our seminar, we use live examples to explain the functions and interaction of the tags. You will learn what triggers are and how to set them up. You will also learn how to use variables.

In the analytical web analytics training, we work with the most popular web analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. Through our years of experience, we have learned the strengths and potentials of each tool. In addition, we know which key issues as well as short- and long-term risks can arise in your projects.

IT-WINGS offers you digital analytics seminars that are based on years of practical experience. We will provide you with comprehensive knowledge and enable you to handle your tracking tool(s) independently.


Online Marketing/Performance Marketing Seminars

Our performance marketing seminar, will teach you how to master the numerous tasks in online marketing using various practical and application examples as well as working with the most common web analysis tools. As a certified Google Ads agency, our focus is on search engine advertising (SEA) and search engine optimisation (SEO), among other things. You can also book each of those seminars independently.

During our seminars, we introduce you to the most common tools and explain how you can perform ad hoc analyses with the respective tools on your own. After the seminar, you will be able to strategically and operationally optimise your website using analyses and efficiently use your available budget.


Dashboarding Seminars

As a web analytics agency, we work with data-driven analytics on a daily basis using dashboarding tools such as Klipfolio, Tableau and Power BI. Therefore, we are very familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the respective tools.

During our seminars, we show participants the structure of the visualisation tool, the various options for creating data, and the individual applicability of the functions. In addition to the getting with the software, we also train you regarding dashboard creation, dispatch and data verification. Thus, after the training you will be able to independently integrate data and visualise it in a targeted manner.

Our dashboarding seminars focus on a practice-oriented knowledge transfer. We can also work with a data set that reflects the challenges of your company. The goal is to directly apply and consolidate the knowledge through a series of exercises and tasks in order to be able to confidently create and conceptualise dashboards in everyday work.



We train you in all areas of web analytics, such as tracking, analytics, campaign evaluation, databases and dashboarding/data visualization. We will happily share our know-how with you at your office or in one of our seminar rooms. Contact us and we will take you and your web analyst or marketing team to the next level.

Measuring success is an art. Benefit from our knowledge, which we are happy to share with you!

You decide where the seminar will take place and what it will cover

Every company has individual requirements for their seminar. Realising your individual needs, we offer different seminars for you. If you want to have company-specific content covered and practical examples that provide added value for upcoming tasks, in-house seminars are the optimal solution for you. If you would like to expand and update the knowledge of your employees, as well as benefit from the experience of other participants, external seminars are a good choice. These take place at our offices in the city center of Stuttgart. If you are a small business that can only take an hour or two off each day, we offer special face-to-face seminars. This way, we combine the advantages of online seminars, such as being independent of location and time, with the added value of personal interaction.

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