Data is received from numerous different systems and platforms. It is therefore helpful to visualise said data in an easily understandable and compact way, i.e. via dashboards. A dashboard shows the status and development of all company-relevant KPIs in real time. Based on this information, data-driven decisions can be made to increase the performance of your company. IT-WINGS supports you in defining the KPIs that are relevant for your company, identifying relevant data sources as well as designing and implementing the dashboard. In addition, we have years of practical experience with the most popular data visualisation tools such as Tableau, Klipfolio, Power BI as well as Excel. This allows us to pick the right tool for your needs. Our goal is to create a dashboard that is updated regularly, delivers the right information to relevant people and can answer all business-related questions your company might have.

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What Is A Dashboard?

Literally translated, the term dashboard means overview page or instrument panel. Accordingly, it is a user interface entailing graphics and figures, which are used to visualise and clearly present certain collected data. A business intelligence dashboard (also known as BI dashboard) is the perfect tool for reviewing and monitoring goals, the status quo, successes and key performance indicators of a company in real time. The data can be obtained from different sources. A dashboard can be customised and specialised to specific areas to ensure a clear display for every department. Thus, thanks to data visualisation, displaying as well as interacting with complex data is simplified and can be made easily available to the right people.

A dashboard software displays key performance numbers. These numbers vary not only from one company to another, but also depending on the department. For your online marketing department, the web analytics dashboard would display important KPI’s like visitors, bounce rate and conversions (goal conversions). With the help of colours and graphs, you might examine whether the values are acceptable or need some improvement. In addition, temporal progressions and changes in individual key figures, costs incurred and profits generated can be displayed. The data visualisation with a dashboard is completely and individually adjustable to your wishes, KPI’s and company goals. What-if scenarios can also be displayed to predict certain trends, thus allowing you to take appropriate action. Depending on the dashboarding software, display options vary – you can find lots of information about the most common tools further down this page.

Our Approach

Our expertise and year-long partnership with key data visualisation tools are the fundament for the success of your business. Our goal is to not only to provide you with knowledge, but also to make use of it, so you can start working on your future success. Together, we will not only customise the concept of your dashboard, but also ensure that you will be able to analyse and optimise your data.

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Analysis & Optimisation


During our kick-off workshop, we will provide you with an intro to dashboarding and address every question you can think of. This includes the amount of data sources and their type, as well as defining company-relevant dashboarding KPIs to get an overview of the scope. In addition, it is also necessary to know which stakeholder will be presented with the dashboard and which questions the dashboard should answer.

Finally, the rhythm for the data and the updating must be agreed upon in order to create the necessary automation patterns.


Once your dashboard is created, we will also choose the right visualisation method for your data. Your charts must be easy to read to ensure a clear dashboard, thus allowing the viewer to grasp all information at a glance. At the same time, the information density must be high to show all important KPIs, as well as their changes.

We are happy to adapt the dashboard to your corporate identity in order to ensure CI-adherance.


During the implementation phase, the aspects defined in the workshop and during conception phase will be implemented. Prior to that, a new account or agency access will be created for the selected data visualisation tool. Here you can choose between Klipfolio, Tableau and Power BI. Afterwards, the data linking is implemented with the data sources of your choice and examined for errors. After the dashboard shows all the data and interaction options, an automatic data update will take place.

Our goal is to ensure that you always have up-to-date data at any given time. We focus on your specific customer needs and can realise everything from a daily to a monthly dashboard update. Finally, we will set up the accounts and the dashboard distributor.

Analysis & Optimisation

During this last step, we will analyse your data and optimise it. We will look at technical aspects, like the API connection to the respective data sources. In addition, we will also conduct feedback conversations with the relevant stakeholders.

Our goal lies in determining if the dashboard is able to deliver the information required by the stakeholders or if it needs to be adjusted.


Data visualisation is made visually appealing thanks to graphs, images and charts. Trends, problems and the achievement of goals can be identified and addressed much faster. With data boards, big data is transformed into understandable data.


There are several dashboarding tools and software solutions available for data visualisation. Those tools all have their own merits – below you can take a closer look at our favourites and get to know them. The differences lie, for example, in the control and design elements as well as the individual building blocks for data visualisation. As a partner and service provider, we at IT-WINGS will be happy to support and advise you regarding any questions you may have about data visualization. Find the right tool for your company and get started!


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Power BI

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The business intelligence tool Tableau is a powerful tool for visualising data from various data sources, such as tracking systems, databases, social media platforms and many more. Another advantage of Tableau is the fact, that the software works database-independently.

Tableau also offers a variety of options to quickly create dashboards. The software boasts predefined design elements and visualisation building blocks. Furthermore, Tableau contains an intuitive drag & drop user interface and thus facilitates the creation as well as adjustments and data analysis within the dashboard.

IT-WINGS is your competent partner and supports you in the creation of your Tableau dashboards, with analysing your data and (if desired) trains your employees to ensure the competent use of Tableau in your company.


Klipfolio is a cloud-based dashboarding tool and can visualise nearly 150 different data sources without the need for additional development work. As a result, the software gives you location-independent, quick and easy access to a wide range of real-time data.

In addition, Klipfolio offers a wide range of “Klips” (visualisation building blocks) to create meaningful, interactive and individual dashboards displaying your data for the respective stakeholders. A major advantage of Klipfolio is that even users with little or no programming experience can quickly and easily build their own dashboards.

IT-WINGS has been working with Klipfolio for many years and can support you as a competent BI service provider in dashboard creation, data evaluation and employee training.

Power BI

Microsoft can help you to create interactive, individual real-time dashboards with its Power-BI visualisation software.

This tool helps you to collect data  from various sources such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, social media platforms and many other business-relevant platforms.

Likewise, little to no programming knowledge is required to create reports with this business intelligence solution from Microsoft.

As an experienced BI service provider, we will be happy to support you in data visualisation using Power BI. We will make sense of your numbers and visualise them in an easy to understand manner.  If you’d like, we will also train your employees.


In addition to numerous years of experience with digital analytics business intelligence and dashboarding, we can also boast a number of highly satisfied clients and partners. Our goal consists of not just offering you any solution. Together, we will find the solution that best suits your individual needs. If you have any questions, concerns or problems, feel free to reach out at any time. Also, if you’re desiring additional information or would like to receive an offer for a certain service, please let us know. We will be more than happy to help you.

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Is Data Visualisation Relevant For My Company?

The benefits of dashboarding are endless. No matter which data visualization tool you ultimately choose, you’re taking a big step towards data-driven success. Strategy development, campaign evaluation and keeping track of what’s happening in your business are not only easier and more convenient to implement with data visualisation, but also clearer. A data board helps you and your employees to not only collect but also understand the large data collections of your activities. This way, effective decisions can be made and greatly adapted optimisations and measures can be taken, which will help your company to grow strongly.

Dashboarding Seminars

Profit from your experience

Creating dashboards offers your company a variety of benefits, such as the detection of trends, optimisation of processes as well as cost and time savings. Therefore, you will work even more efficiently if one of your employees or you have the possibility to create, adapt or update individual dashboards. In our one or two-day seminars, we teach you all the important aspects through practical examples. We can also illustrate these using a data set that reflects your company requirements. We offer our seminars for Tableau, Klipfolio and Power BI.

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