Piwik PRO - Data protection compliant analytics platform

Piwik PRO offers an analytics platform that greatly values data protection laws. This platform offers tracking without using cookies. It also anonymises data. Please read on to learn more about Piwik PRO, its functions and how it differs from other analysis tools, such as Google Analytics and Matomo:

What is Piwik PRO?

Piwik PRO is an analytics platform that greatly values data protection. It respects the respective laws of the EU, US, China and Russia. The following laws are taken into consideration:

  1. GDPR (General data protection regulation)
  2. TTDSG (Telekommunikation-Telemedien-Datenschutz-Gesetz)
  3. CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés)
  4. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

Moreover, Piwik PRO guarantees its users that the collected data, according to the Schrems II case, will not be send to the US. Piwik PRO also offers its users options to track customer journeys, as well as analyse and optimise them.

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What does Piwik PRO offer?

Piwik PRO offers 4 different modules. In addition to analytics, those are a Tag Manager, a Customer Data Platform and the Consent Manager. You can also choose between two different hosting options for your data.


The analytics module helps you to collect data from the customer journey and visualise it. This helps you to better understand your website visitors. With just a few clicks, your dashboard is ready and full of data. Thanks to a great tracker, your data is very recent. Piwik analytics helps you to understand your users much better and to improve your online performance. Despite the strong focus on different data protection laws, Piwik PRO offers you a holistic view regarding your online data. Your reports and dashboards can be organised just the way you want it. Given the simple integration, you analysis and reports can be extended with additional search results.

Hosting options

Piwik PRO offers users two different hosting options. If you pick On-Premises you can use your own infrastructure and administer the data yourself. The second option offers data saving on a private and secure cloud environment. It can be saved on servers in Germany, the Netherlands or the US. You can also use the data centre of a third party for the On-Demand option. Piwik PRO guarantees its users a safe and data protection adhering opportunity to govern its data and adhere to GDRP regulations.

In addition to Analytics, Piwik PRO also offers a Tag Manager, a Consent Manager and the Customer Data Platform.

How much does Piwik PRO cost?

The Piwik PRO Core plan entails a free test version of the analytics platform. This includes the Analytics, Tag Manager and Consent Manager modules. Unlike Piwik PRO Enterprise , the Piwik PRO Core Plan is a limited plan and doesn’t allow for the complete experience.

Piwik PRO Enterprise entails all modules and starts at 500 Euros per month. The exact prices are subject to your traffic volume.

 Core PlanEnterprise
Number of moduls34
Monthly action limits500,000Up to 1B+
Number of pages & apps10Unlimited
Number of anticipated reports & notifications10Unlimited
How long data will be saved14 months25 months or more
Access to raw and unsampled dataAccess to raw data through API & Tableau ConnectorAccess to raw data through API, Tableau Connector, Big Querry & CVS
Adheres to the following lawsGDPR, CCPA, LGPDGDPR, CCPA, LGPD, HIPAA
Google Ads & Search Console integrationYesYes
Public cloudEUDE, NL, SE, USA, SGP, including the Europe-based data centre in Sweden ElastX
Private Cloud in 60+ predefined places or on premisesNoYes, including the Europe-based data centre in Sweden ElastX
SSO, SLA, your own brandingNoYes
Dedicated technical support & custom defined optionsNoYes

Source: piwikpro.de

Piwik PRO and data protection

Data protection is a very important topic for Piwik PRO. You can choose what happens to your data. Pick the hosting option that suits your preferences and still adhere to all data protection laws. Piwik PRO doesn’t forward the collected data to third parties; you remain the owner. Thanks to data anoynmisation, you can collect data without breaching any laws, such as TTDSG or CNIL. Security is very important for Piwik PRO. In addition to the ISO-27001 certification, the company also steadily checks their own security protocols. Your data is in safe hands. All Piwik PRO data centres are SOC-2 certified. In addition, Piwik PRO guarantees a maximum restoration ability for your data and the latest security updates.

Cookieless tracking

Cookies are used on websites, among other things, to create user profiles of visitors or to analyze their behavior. However, the use of cookies is regulated by law. As a result of the newly enacted TTDSG (Telecommunications Telemedia Data Protection Act), cookies need to receive user consent before they can be used. It is no longer sufficient to simply inform website visitors about the use of cookies. To enable privacy compliant tracking Piwik PRO offers cookieless tracking.

Tracking without the use of cookies can still generate data about website visits and general website traffic. A browser fingerprint is used for this purpose. The difference to tracking with cookies is that no visitor metrics are used.

Cookieless tracking not only frees you from future restrictions on cookie use, but also enables privacy-compliant tracking that respects the privacy of website visitors.

Piwik PRO vs Matomo (formerly Piwik)

In terms of data sovereignty, Piwik PRO and Matomo have the same standards. The collected data is made available exclusively to the user and is not forwarded to third parties. The owner of the data is therefore not the analytics platform, but the company itself. This guarantees that the collected data is no longer forwarded to the US in accordance with the Schrems II case.

The timeliness of the data is also the same for Piwik PRO and Matomo. On both platforms, the current data can be viewed after just 30 minutes.

When comparing the features of both solutions, Piwik PRO is ahead of Matomo. While Matomo only has Analytics and a Tag Manager, Piwik PRO also offers its users the Consent Manager in the free trial version.

Both competitors can access raw data and integrate common data visualisation and BI software (e.g. Tableau).

Piwik PRO vs Google Analytics

The biggest difference between Piwik PRO and Google Analytics is the data sovereignty. Piwik PRO does not share the collected data with anyone else and the owner of the data is the company itself. In Google Analytics, the data obtained is still used to improve Google’s services. Also, the place where the data is stored cannot be influenced. Moreover, with both of them, the data collection can be made DSGVO compliant.

Another difference lies in the timeliness of the data. With Piwik PRO, the current data is displayed in the analysis with a delay of only 30 minutes. However, with Google Analytics, this delay is 24 – 28 hours.

Another advantage that Piwik PRO has over Google Analytics is an additional tool. In addition to the Tag Manager and Analytics, Piwik PRO also offers the Consent Manager. Google Analytics does not offer this option.

Those who want to use raw data for their analyses should use Piwik PRO as a tool. While Piwik PRO also offers users raw data or a single customer view, Google Analytics only provides its data in an aggregated format.

One advantage Google Analytics has for users is that it is ease to use. Even without prior onboarding, the web analytics tool can be used independently after a short time and does not require any prior knowledge.

IT-WINGS – Your Piwik PRO-Expert

Analytics, business intelligence and sales promotion: For every project and company, we offer you our support as a certified Piwik PRO expert. Depending on your wishes, goals and website size, we advise you regarding the right Piwik PRO version and are here to help with any questions that may arise.

Of course, we also take care of the entire implementation of Piwik PRO on your website. If necessary, we offer training for your employees so that they can safely handle the web analysis software and thus perform analyses on their own. We are also happy to support you with evaluations and interpretations if required. We look forward to your inquiry!

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