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Mapp Tracking – important touchpoint for your customer relationships

Creating success with a strong analytics partner? Marketing technologies that enable the customer journey to end in conversion are very valuable. This web analytics tracker helps companies outperform competitors with attractive and targeted online marketing. Mapping functions provide pinpoint solutions and facilitate the execution of multichannel campaigns.

In 2020, the Webtrekk tool rebranded itself as Mapp Intelligence Plattform. The central part of the product is the Mapp-Cloud, with international connections and global analysis capabilities. Extensive features and great insights are still part of the solution. In addition to reporting and analysis functions, companies also need quite some experience to handle this tool correctly to get the right information.

What is Mapp?

Mapp and Webtrekk Analytics connect your offers at the right interfaces and generate a new platform with fully integrated products for marketers. Evaluating data and converting it into customer engagement is the name of the game. Each result will focus on the fundamentals of real-time data. They grant precise insights that are designed to trigger rapid customer interactions. The strategic combination of Mapp cross-channel marketing solutions and Webtrekks customer intelligence enables first-party data. This helps with enabling highly personalised customer experiences.

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For free digital marketing solutions, the Mapp Cloud provides the ideal breeding ground to develop big ideas and put them into action in an uncomplicated way. The insight-based approach offers the chance to look ahead and generate inward insights at the same time. Have you had to rely on your gut feeling until now? Those times are over! Mapping tools exploit marketing potential, align strategies conceptually, and prevent expensive wastage during the campaign progress. You can target valuable customer contacts with preferred product groups and offers.

Advantages of Webtrekk

As a user, you need lots of raw data, presented in clear and easy-to-use reports. These provide a detailed dashboard of importants KPIs, and large companies in particular benefit from the rapid analysis capability of comprehensive big data sources. Marketing managers align scales according to strategic alignment and thus optimise digital campaigns on all necessary sales and social media channels. With your web data gleaned from the tracking tool, you strike the most efficient path to continuous conversation growth. Data-driven improvements deliver the required results within defined time frames. In this way, numerous types of projects can be implemented with the obtained key figures and successes are not subject to chance. Based on the evaluation of target group data, optimisations follow precisely at those points where a need for improvement becomes apparent. This can be process and usability corrections, the monitoring of A/B test tools in tracking or accentuated integration into the landing page.

How does Webtrekk technology work?

Corporations and SMEs experience marketing automation on a completely new level with Mapp Cloud. Tracking at the highest level and with the best chances of success. Mapp has developed this tool so that unnecessary sales are not lost to the competition. IT Wings uses important Webtrekk know-how to plan targeted advertising campaigns with a special customer experience. However, better conversation rates are not a product of chance, but the result of relevant content and a focused spread of certain marketing campaigns.

Mapp marketing automation might entail:

A web analysis (including a campaign evaluation) is subject to strict compliance with German data protection guidelines. The Mapp TÜV certificate “Geprüfter Datenschutz” (“Tested Data Protection”) proves legally compliant software programming that takes into account EU-wide data protection. All Webtrekk data servers are located in Germany; sensitive data is not passed on to third parties. All high-tech data centres are ISO-certified and protect content according to the highest standards. This also includes IP anonymisation of individual users.

Start your analysis with Mapp

Some analytics options:

As soon as data from a wide variety of information sources is brought together, it is almost impossible for any company to maintain an overview. In the Mapp Cloud, all content is brought to one system level and then unified. Only then are applicable insights recognisable and simple campaign control possible.

If too many individual solutions and teams work on the same data basis, success is limited. With the Mapp Cloud, it is possible to break down vast amounts of data silos and enable a seamless customer journey. For cross-channel campaigns, real-time data provides the support needed to deploy ads on budget. Are you still paying too much for unnecessarily extensive marketing efforts? If advertising strategies are too complex and consume a large budget of costs, unused functions quickly lose their raison d’être. Therefore, always keep an eye on the planned return on investment. Mapping technology and active support are available at significantly lower prices.

Why should you use Webtrekk?

1. Cross channel campaigns close to your customer

With marketing automation such as text messages, social media or email, you have accessible and free opportunities to make customers aware of your company’s offering. Digital analytics, together with powerful segmentation, brings the existing data structure into a clear presentation. Information can be recognised quickly and in context, and the advertising goal is within reach. Cross-channel campaigns benefit from uniform contact profiles. This means that each customer contact can be scaled with targeted tracking as well as provide a comprehensive overview of interests, interactions, and habits by enriching it with real-time data. Transactional, behavioural and demographic information completes the perfect sales insight. Mapp-Engage also offers interesting segmentation options to combine historical data with context-specific elements and seamlessly integrate them into the next campaign.

2. Bring your customer experience to the next level

Consumers spend their time on numerous social media and marketing channels. Accordingly, companies should be present on all available media plattforms and actively seek the approval of potential and existing customers. Entering into a direct exchange of information or goods is easy, but offering the end consumer an emotional customer connection is not. This requires an optimally supported customer journey with positive memory factors. As a cross-channel marketing platform, Mapp-Cloud is oriented towards tracking individual customer behaviour. This is followed by highly personalised messages that accompany the entire customer lifecycle – from first-time buyers to loyal repeat customers.

3. Fulfill customer desires with first party data

Fine-granular analysis and campaign evaluation guarantee more interaction in the cross-channel. In order to determine target groups with extreme precision, the tracking tool offers companies the option of working with first-party cookies rather than third-party cookies. Since current GDPR regulations came into force, tracking methods have been walking the line between satisfying security needs and monetary interests. The use of third-party data is proving to be a particularly creative discipline. Companies are rightly unsure whether user behaviour can still be effectively captured and remain legally compliant. The solution: self-collected first-party data for information exploitation. Companies of all sizes obtain valuable customer insights through their own web presence, social media channels, apps and other similar platforms. As a result, they are the sole owner and do not need explicit user consent for marketing purposes. In addition, internally generated insights are not available to competitors and create a significant competitive advantage.

4. Personalisation as a central factor of success

Data-driven marketing sends targeted, meaningful data for campaigns to customers and then evaluates it in the analytical process. This is a helpful tool for strategically determining target groups, which receive optimally targeted content with a high degree of personalisation thanks to web analytics. Every customer deserves content that gives them what they need. A valid database provides the best basis for personalisation adapted to your business requirements. The selective use of digital analytics ultimately results in higher purchase motivation, increasing shopping cart values, and greater customer satisfaction.

Optimal collaboration requires personalisation – for businesses and customers. Send real-time messages on current user activities and achieve the best possible impact – at the ideal time and with the appropriate contact frequency. Turn visitors to your media channels into customers and follow optimised workflows to respectfully conserve corporate resources.

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