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As a performance marketing agency, we love data-driven, measurable marketing. We also enjoy creating strategies that not only help your business to achieve important goals, but grow beyond them. IT-WINGS offers you solutions in the areas of search engine optimisation, paid advertising and performance marketing. Our solutions are always uniquely created depending on your needs and desires. When working with IT-WINGS, you will have a partner that helps you make sense of all that data you collect. We help you to develop concepts, implement necessary measurements and will do our best to take your company one step further. Because we know: satisfied customers and stable sales growth go hand in hand. It’s time to grow!

Whether you’d like help with SEO, SEA or performance – our service portfolio as an online marketing agency goes beyond just consulting. We focus on developing sustainable concepts and will examine your online marketing efforts holistically. This enables us to provide you with important data and information in addition to plans and support. We not only want to increase your reach – we also want to improve its quality and thus provide an added value for you and your customers. Rely on our support as a successful online and performance marketing agency and lift your business to a new, digital level. On this page you will find details about our marketing services and approaches in the respective areas.


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Performance Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At IT-WINGS we take a data-driven and holistic approach to search engine optimisation. Our services entail technical SEO optimisation as well as strategic and operational SEO. The technical SEO measures serve as a basic framework, providing search engines with optimal access to your website. Certain aspects, such as Hreflang, Canonicals and Sitemap play a major role.

Another important discipline for on-page SEO is content marketing. To ensure that your content contains the right keywords, we will perform business-relevant keyword analyses for you. Our focus lies not only in increasing traffic quantity, but also traffic quality.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Search engine advertising is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. IT-WINGS is a Google certified Digital Marketing Ads agency and can offer you seasoned advice. We create the optimal campaign structure for your specific campaign needs. In addition, we will also determine the appropriate keywords and set up all relevant extensions. We will work closely with your online marketing department to achieve the previously defined strategic and operational goals.

We use the collected data for targeted mathematical analyses, thus achieving an increase in your traffic quantity and quality. In doing so, we always act according to your cost-benefit advantage. We implement our recommendations together with your team.

In addition, we broaden our view and always analyse the entire customer journey of your website visitors in order to calculate and optimise the performance of the respective campaign and the effects on other online marketing channels.

Performance Marketing

Given our targeted use of performance marketing, IT-WINGS offers you a data-driven strategy. This approach will benefit the success of your campaigns and provide you with optimisation recommendations. Measurability and continuous optimisation are the foundation of performance marketing and support your company in achieving important goals. In particular, the increase of various conversions, which include, for example, transactions, PDF downloads or contact inquiries, is one such goal. In addition, performance marketing has become one of the most effective strategies for new customer acquisition and customer loyalty in online marketing.

In cooperation with our performance marketing agency experts, we create a strategy tailored to your individual needs to permanently improve your company’s performance. Employing a targeted customer approach, we aim to provide the user with the greatest possible interaction. Our focus in this context is increasing conversions. Performance marketing analytics analyses the data collected from a wide range of channels and presents it as management-friendly recommendations for action. The results are then jointly implemented and tested for their effectiveness. With IT-WINGS, you can get the most out of all your data from different channels and address the needs of your customers.



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Status Quo

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Analyse & Reporting

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In order to permanently improve the performance of your company, it is important to ensure the measurability of your KPIs. Thus, we start our collaboration with a workshop

In this workshop, all relevant questions & KPIs for your company will be defined. The defined KPIs are used for later success control and also play an important role in your reports and dashboards.

Status Quo

To visualise improvements in your performance & identify current (potential) weak points in your company, we create a status quo analysis after conducted the workshop.

The status quo analysis shows the current state of your company based on pre-defined KPIs and is used as the basis for subsequent analysis & reporting.

Analysis & Reporting

The third step revolves around data collection and analysing it. Depending on our predefined objectives, the collected data is prepared and visualised in a way that is suitable for management.

If desired, the data can be provided in an interactive dashboard through Excel or other visualisation tools. The analysis & reporting form the foundation of the following recommendations for action.


IT-WINGS takes a holistic approach and recommends data-driven optimisation measures based on countless analyses, such as: Competitor-, product- and web analyses.

Our team of specialists will create an agenda for you with clearly understandable & easy to implement recommendations for action and will also actively support you with the implementation of these measures.


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Conception & Implementation

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Technical Integration & Web Analysis

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Analysis & Reporting

Concept & Implementation

During this phase, we will create a new Google Ads account (if needed). In addition, we will also define new goals for you campaigns and company. This will include metrics such your ROI, CPO, conversions and additional performance KPIs. Based on the predefined goals and depending on your website structure, we will create a new campaign and and structure.

We will also conduct extensive research regarding keywords relevant for your target audience. After we identified them, we will segment them into suitable campaigns and ad groups. Afterwards, your campaigns, ad groups and ads will be implemented in your Google Ads account.

Technical Integration & Web Analysis

If needed, the second step includes the extension of your tracking efforts. This depends on the ability to transfer all the required analytics tags, which we need to quantify your success and conversions to your Google Ads account. The data collected therein form the basis for future optimisation efforts.

Depending on the goals defined in step one, as well as the website and product structure, conception and integration might take some time. This is necessary, because it enables us to collect data and analyse it, thus increasing your Google Ads performance.

Analysis & Reporting

During step 3, we will analyse the data that was previously collected. When doing so, we take a holistic approach. Our optimisation efforts are based on analysing Google Ads, Google Analytics, competitors and products. Our goal is to improve the performance of your Google Ads account by analysing the data at hand.

The data collected will be visually presented according to your goals. We will create interactive dashboards with either Microsoft Excel or visual tools such as Tableau or Kipfolio.

Our dashboards are easy to understand and interactive, thus allowing stakeholders to quickly understand the performance development and how close they are to reaching their Google Ads campaign goals.


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Strategy & Goals

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Keyword Research

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Monitoring & Reporting

SEO Strategy, Goals & KPIs

Step one contains a status quo analysis of your current SEO performance. Afterwards, we will define relevant KPIs and realistic SEO goals. Those goals may be short- or long term strategic and/or economical goals, such as a traffic increase, increased branding efforts and more revenue thanks to organic search.

KPIs that help reaching those goals can be the visibility index, organic sessions and revenue. They also serve as a basis for an efficiency review.

Keyword Research

Once the goals have been defined, the operative part commences. There are two scenarios for keyword research. Maybe you have already defined some SEO topics, such as introducing a new product. Alternatively, wen can also conduct a keyword potential analysis, identifying the topic with the best cost-use-ratio.

After we conducted our keyword research, we will send you a large document. It contains keywords and ranks them.

In addition, we will also examine technical aspects of your URLs and provide you with optimisation suggestions. Moreover, we will share specific recommendation, such as internal links, backlinks and additional content such as images, PDFs and videos.  We will also show you possible layouts (including the headline for your text) to make your work as easy as possible. This extensive document makes it very simple to conduct the changes internally or with the help of a content agency.

OnPage Optimisation

Our on-page optimisation will help you with improving your content. It includes reviewing your SEO articles, conducting keyword research and optimising content such as images, videos and PDFs. We will also analyse your webpage regarding aspects such as NoFollow/NoIndex, meta data, headline structure as well as CSS- und JavaScript Files

We will also analyse your server, site and domain regarding SEO-optimisation. This includes your sitemap, robot.txt, duplicate content (canonical tags), geo targeting (hreflang tags) and optimising page loading time.

OffPage Optimisation

Offpage optimisation includes all SEO efforts that don’t happen directly on your website. We will implement a sustainable backlink management. This includes analysing, creating and removing backlinks as well as the optimisation of anchor texts. We will also look at social, shop and local SEO. Social SEO is closely connected to social media marketing. This includes support with YouTube information or a hashtag analysis for Instagram, thereby increasing the visibility of your social media efforts.

When conducting shop SEO, we will also examine your e-commerce efforts and optimise them. Our local SEO also includes optimising your local search queries, Google My Business entry and much more.

SEO-Monitoring & Reporting

Once we finished our SEO optimisations, we will create a comprehensive and transparent report. This document will show the previously defined KPIs and what success the SEO efforts have yielded. It will also cover aspects such as front page banner, news and press releases.

To help you keeping an eye on your KPIs, we will provide you with a monthly PDF report. You can choose if you’d rather like to receive an Excel file or an interactive dashboard.


Would you like to get a better idea of our work approach and strategies? Please take a look at our case studies. They will offer you a good idea regarding some of our past projects.

What is Online Marketing?

What is online marketing about? Digital marketing includes the development of a digital brand as well as the acquisition of new customers and customer loyalty in a digital context. Online and performance marketing accompany the visitor across all channels during the entire customer journey. Typical channels are the company’s own corporate website, search engine marketing, which includes SEO and SEA, social media marketing, e-mail marketing and affiliate marketing. Digital marketing should be looked at as a cycle. This means that important data is first collected and collated. Said data will then be processed and analysed in order to initiate data-driven optimisation measures and to carry out a performance review.

Why should you invest in performance marketing?

Plenty of business is conducted online; any company will have a very hard time not operating online. With the right online marketing strategies, you can reach an amount of customers traditional advertisers can only dream of. The data we collect from your channels will be evaluated and used to sort customers into suitable target groups so that your online marketing efforts address the right target audience. Said data also helps you to closely monitor all online activities and, if desired, to take immediate action. The simple and reliable control of your campaigns and successes enables data-based evaluations and thus new goals and also successes to be recorded.

Our experienced specialists will be happy to work with you towards achieving your goals. Our marketing consultation will show you suitable tools and recommendations for action.  We will also be a business partner who is happy to answer all your questions and sees your successes as his own. In addition to identifying KPI’s and presenting you with data, we want to offer added value for your company and implement efficient online marketing measurements. Your newly generated customers should not only be won, but also motivated to stay.

KPIs - Important Performance Marketing Numbers

For a successful strategy and budget allocation in digital marketing, it is of utmost importance to define the exact goals and appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) for your plans. These KPIs should be specific to your company and provide a structured and efficient way of measuring performance and success. The KPIs differ depending on the online marketing area, goals and channels – the key performance indicators for paid ads, email marketing, social media and Google/SEO/content can naturally not always be the same. For some campaigns, the number of visits is more important, for others the generation of clicks, leads and new customers. Let’s find out which numbers matter most for your channels!

We offer years of experience in digital marketing, which your company can benefit from. In cooperation with us as a consulting online marketing agency, the following points, among others (and depending on the channel and objective), will be looked at in order to generate the greatest possible revenue for your company:

  • Conversion & Conversion Rate
  • One of the most important values. A conversion can be a sale, a contact or a download, depending on the company. The conversion rate (CR) describes the relationship between visits to a page and the conversions that occur.
  • ROI
  • The return on investment shows whether a marketing strategy is profitable (ratio of profit to capital).
  • CPA – Cost per Action
  • This KPI shows the costs incurred in marketing by a specific target (also: cost per lead/order)
  • Traffic, impressions, bounce rate, CTR & more
  • These KPIs describe the customer journey on your website and allow you to understand how a customer progresses through the buying process. Which pages are visited frequently, where do users tend to leave? Last but not least, this provides information about what to improvement.

Our Agency Caters to Your Specific Needs

We take you further – with an individually developed and well thought-out concept. As a B2B and B2C agency, we are your performance marketing specialists. We don’t just want to explain the latest trends to you and push numbers on you without explanations – with IT-WINGS, you will start into a new era of digital marketing. We aim to do more than just putting tools into your hands. We value sustainable communication to create a lasting and successful business partnership. An individual consultation is essential in online marketing. After all, we are talking about your product, your website and your goals. We want to make sure we understand your thoughts, wishes and problems as detailed as possible. With this approach we can find issues that require attention, identify new opportunities and find projects that have received little or no attention to date. Just ask us for a flexible consultation appointment without obligation. Simply click here:

What Else Can We Offer You?

Would you like to educate your employees or yourself and gain a better understanding of SEO, SEA and performance marketing? No problem – our extensive online and in-house seminars offer you in-depth insights into the online marketing fields and strategies of your choice. Find out more.

Performance Marketing Seminars

With the onset of digitalisation, innovations in online marketing have been numerous. Some of your employees work with methods that could be more efficient. Through our many years of experience in B2B and B2C, we know what challenges you face with your daily online marketing activities. We are convinced that educating your employees will sustainably increase their online marketing performance. Find out more about our one or two-day online marketing seminars!


In addition to numerous years of experience with digital analytics and web analytics, we can also boast a number of highly satisfied clients and partners. Our goal consists of not just offering you any solution. Together, we will find the solution that best suits your individual needs. If you have any questions, concerns or problems, feel free to reach out at any time. Also, if you’re desiring additional information or would like to receive an offer for a certain service, please let us know. We will be more than happy to help you.

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