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We know that customer data is among the most important goods of a company’s success. With the information at hand, you can optimise your products and services, thereby increasing customer satisfaction tremendously. Thus, we developed our own software solutions to enable you to mix your data with external data. This will lead to new insights that will help your marketing efforts. Always be one step ahead and utilize the multi channel potential of your data.


PDA Tool from IT-WINGS GmbH


WLW Tool - Who Supplies What Analysis Tool


GetCampaignn Tool from IT-WINGS

Social Media Analytics

Social Media Dashboard für Facebook, Instagram und YouTube


PD-Analytics will deliver you individual information regarding customer behaviour. This solution analyses CAD-data of the Platform Part Community. The tools boasts an intuitive and easy to navigate GUI. No matter if you want to improve your e-mail marketing or your Google Ads campaigns: You will quickly obtain valuable data about different target audiences. This will allow you to see, which products customers looked at and thus market to them accordingly.

PD-Analytics is a tremendous help in terms of sales. It can help your sales people to prepare for a client conversation. The tool provides you with plenty of useful information, such as how often certain products and product-groups within the CAD-area have been downloaded. PD-Analytics also sorts those downloads by company and prepares them in a visually attractive and easy to understand manner.


“The PD analytics tool enabled us to recognise trends early on. Said information helped us to improve our e-commerce efforts. A great software for digital marketing and sales!”

Florian Hoss – Head of E-Commerce


Valuable data can also bef ound on external platforms, which your company can make use of with the help of our own WLW Analytics tool. “Wer liefert was” (WLW; translates to Who delivers What) is the place to go for customers dealing with industrial technology. As the name suggests, users can find free answers to questions about manufacturers and suppliers for specific products or services in the industry.

WLW Analytics is an add-on for WLW. It uses search behaviour to provide you with the optimal data package about search, click and purchase behaviour of registered WLW visitors. As soon as registered customers log in to the platform, WLW Analytics stores information about the user’s time, place and product search. We make this data available to you so that you can use these insights for all your marketing activities.



Our self-developed campaign management tool makes the administration of campaign specific URLs much easier.

GetCampaign allows you to match the respective URL to the correct campaign, as well as analysing your campaigns. You’ll be flexible from day one and may increase or lower the amount of URLs.


Social Media Analytics

Our social media analytics tool entails an interactive dashboard that displays the relevant KPIs for your social media channels in real time. This makes comparing the channels much easier. In addition, management and employees may access the data segmented by target audiences.


Gain a competitive advantage

From an online store to the homepage to classic search queries: every contact point of the customer with an online presence leaves informational traces for your company. In many cases, the flood of data is not structured and interpreted in a meaningful way. To help you address your customers even more efficiently, our analysis tools filter the most important parameters for you and prepare them for further use. PD-Analytics, WLW-Analytics and INS-Analytics are currently unique tool packages on the market. They examine the desires and preferences of your customers and provide you with comprehensive information about customer behaviour in a compact form. With the help of these three tools, you gain important data from the most relevant channels for companies in the industrial technology sector: PD-Analytics gives you precise insights into the location and data value of your customers. WLW-Analytics provides you with precise information on the search behaviour of customers on the platform “Wer liefert was”, which can be used effectively for your own business. INS-Analytics takes a close look at the search field on your own website and generates useful information about the search behavior of your website visitors.

You can use the data gained for many purposes, such as online marketing, e-commerce or product management, as well as in your sales team. With the unique B2B tools from IT-WINGS, you regain an overview of your customer data. We adjust the analytical screws that are responsible for the success of your company. The basic business principle is that those who know their customers best gain a decisive advantage over the competition.


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Why You Need to Integrate Data

The global success of companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook is primarily due to the fact that they know exactly what their target group needs and wants. They obtain this information primarily from the targeted evaluation of customer data. With the growing digitisation of many points of contact with the target group, the amount of data collection options is also increasing. We help your company to make sense of the target group information: Our tools for B2B analyses help you to make the most out of the information at hand. We know that data is one of the most valuable and integral parts of your company’s success. Interpreting it correctly, you can optimise your products and services to increase customer satisfaction even further.



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