Our GetCampaign tool allows you to easily create media codes for your advertising campaigns. The evaluation of your campaigns can be done by tracking tools like Google Analytics, Webtrekk and Adobe Analytics. Through GetCampaign, web analysts, online marketers and your IT department will benefit from having to spend less time minimising sources of errors that later falsify campaign tracking. With our tool for media code creation, an admin can define rules and placeholders for the later URLs created by the tool in advance, among other things in a separate window.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Online Marketing Team

Measuring individual marketing activities & content is one of the most important aspects of marketing. By collecting and then evaluating specific KPIs, you as a marketer can analyse and justify which activities are worth their money and which are not. By comparing the specific KPIs, you can plan, deploy and defend your marketing budgets. The goal is for you to invest your time, expertise and resources in the most effective marketing campaigns to achieve the greatest possible results. Our GetCampaign tool guarantees you clean data collection as well as direct comparability of different marketing campaigns. See for yourself!

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Technical Implementation

Based on the selected URL package, you will be sent a code for approval after registration. You implement this code in your GetCampaign account. When you’re starting out, we recommend you to define the respective roles of the users (administrator or user) and to assign the rights to the respective persons. You can also manage these roles later.

Login with the username and password


Before you create a URL, you create the campaign in the URL settings. You can create an unlimited number of parameters, depending on how extensive your campaigns are structured and how many you have to manage. At the beginning you assign a meaningful name to the campaign. Then you determine and store campaign-relevant parameter categories and options in the URL settings. These can then be easily supplemented with the required parameters during campaign extensions. If the admin saves those settings, the admin or another user can create the URLs with the URL generator.

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During the next step, you and all other users can use the URL generator to select the specific campaign containing the parameters you have stored and have a URL generated on that basis. The dropdown function prevents users from using different spellings or spelling errors. With an optional selection regarding upper and lower case, the admin can ensure that the letters are always converted into a uniform form in the final URL. After entering the URL in the Base URL area, the software checks whether the URL exists at all. If it does, the field is marked green. By clicking on Add, the final URL will be generated.

You can then place your new URL in the respective medium. In this example, you take the link for advertising the campaign in the newsletter, for the link in the header and specify the link to the parameter Winter.

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Analysis & Reporting

By using uniform parameters, you will be able to conduct a clean analysis of the advertising campaign. It will provide you an insight into the effectiveness of different advertising content, advertising channels, advertising placement, influencers and much more. The resulting recommendations for action tell you whether you should increase or shift the advertising budget and available resources, and whether the marketing activities you are pursuing are delivering the desired results.


  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Webtrekk



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