The PD Analytics tool is a software solution that helps you to analyse your CAD data from B2B platforms like PARTcommunity or Traceparts. For this purpose, we have built an interactive dashboard that helps you to obtain valuable data and helpful insights.

Right now, if you provide your CAD data on B2B platforms, you will receive a monthly Excel with the user data of the respective platform. Depending on the number of downloads, this Excel sheet might be rather long. In addition, the data sets are sometimes incomplete or unformatted. This makes analysing the data unnecessarily time-consuming and complicated.

Many companies therefore miss out on valuable data and helpful insights, such as:

The insights from analysing your data can yield great benefits for many different areas of your company. Especially your sales and marketing department will profit form those insights.

Use & Analyse your CAD data with PD Analytics

Why you should use our PD Analysis Tool

Increase the efficiency of your sales team

The PD Analytics Tool is a real booster for your sales staff. Providing very important data for a sales call, such as country and product-specific trends, the sales staff can optimally prepare for customer meetings. Given the customer-specific data, which the PDA tool provides you with, you will receive important information about the users of the CAD data. You can determine exactly what employee from which company has downloaded a certain product as a CAD file. With the help of our PDA tool, you can also identify the needs of future customers in a targeted manner and use this knowledge in your sales discussions.

Create Targeted Marketing Campaigns


You marketing department can also benefit from the data provided by our PDA tool. In campaign management, for example, you can gain new insights into product demand from the data provided by the PD Analytics tool. You can then use this information for different channels such as search engine advertising. However, the data can be used even beyond online marketing, such as analog marketing formats. Thus, you can also create posters or flyers based on the data at hand. Furthermore, this information offers you new ideas for the content design of your newsletter, your social media channels or even your website. If you wish, the PDA tool can also be fully integrated into your customer relationship management system.

Gain Additional Benefits By Connecting It To Your ERP-System

Another advantage of the PDA tool is the easy manner in which you can connect it to your ERP system. Through this link you can effectively process and insert the internal administrative processes. It also helps you to analyse whether a purchase has been made after downloading CAD data. Furthermore, you can also use the PD Analytics tool for potential and industry analyses and thereby get a better idea about the development and success of certain products. You can also obtain further valuable insights through customer type analyses and thus develop target groups and address them in a targeted manner.

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You will gain the following advantages

How does the PDA toll work?

The PDA tool allows you to obtain CAD data from platforms such as PARTcommunity and Traceparts. Said information will be presented in an easy to understand manner and can be navigated intuitively. Let’s see how:

The following video features our CEO Armin Sanjari and our software developer Amimul. The two are talking about the PD Analytics tool, its strengths and how it can be used for data cleansing.

PD Analytics Tool Success Stories

With the help of the PDA tool, a large manufacturer of standard and operating parts in the B2B sector was able to fully exploit its potential and thus gained a major new customer in the automotive industry.

The PDA tool was used to identify the demand of the automotive company for various products of the user. It was then possible to filter out which products the company was interested in. This information could be used for targeted search engine advertising.

A search network campaign was created in Google Ads, which advertised exactly the products for which the company had already searched via PARTcommunity. The targeting of the campaign was very narrow; the ad was only shown in the city the company’s located.

By using a very specific ad targeting, the company could be presented with exactly those products that the company felt were already in demand anyway. In addition, the sales manager called the potential customer and provided project-specific advice, which clarified all reservations and questions and encouraged the purchase. The company using the PD Analytics tool was thus able to win this car manufacturer as a long-term customer.


The basic one time fee for installing the PD Analytics tool (including configuring it to your specific needs) amounts to 4500 Euros.

Once the tool has been installed, the actual cost depends on the number of users. You can choose between the following two models:


Are you curious about the PDA tool and want to learn more about how to integrate it into your company? Feel free to reach out or schedule a phone conversation right away.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have.



In addition to numerous years of experience with web analytics and marketing, we can also boast a number of highly satisfied clients and partners. Our goal consists of not just offering you any solution. Together, we will find the solution that best suits your individual needs. If you have any questions, concerns or problems, feel free to reach out at any time. Also, if you’re desiring additional information or would like to receive an offer for a certain service, please let us know. We will be more than happy to help you.

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