Industry 4.0 and Big Data are very important subjects. Companies should therefore take a close look at existing analysis tools, as well as data and services in the form of Excel spreadsheets, databases or other formats from external providers and analyse them where possible. The stored data often conceals interesting information about possible trends, seasonal patterns, problem areas as well as unused potential. Our WLW Analytics Tool allows you to integrate data from the B2B platform “Wer Liefert Was”. WLW has 1.3 million monthly users across Germany, over 9 million products and 570,000 suppliers listed. By using this enormous amount of data, important insights can be gained for all areas of marketing.

What data do you gain with the WLW Analytics tool?

  • Which products were searched for in a certain period of time?
  • What percentage of users viewed my company profile on WLW following the product search?
  • Which companies or users found out about my products?
  • Which product category was most requested? And from which companies?
  • In which countries were which products viewed?

Sales Booster

WLW Analytics is particularly helpful for the Sales department. With the data from our WLW Analytics tool, it is possible for the sales representative to optimally prepare for the customer meeting because the tool provides all the necessary data for closing a sale. In addition country specific trends and patterns can be recognised and reacted to in order to optimise your marketing activities. The product specific data contains the contact data of a lead. This means that you can see, which company and which employee is interested in a certain product. You can use that information when conducting a sales conversation to recognise a need early on and increase your cross selling activities.

Campaign management

The data obtained is successfully used in campaign management for online channels such as search engines. The data can also be helpful for analog formats such as flyers or advertising posters, in that the content can now be prepared in a way that is appropriate for the media and target group. IT-WINGS ensures that your sensitive data is protected according to the latest security standards. If desired, the system can be fully integrated securely at your company or into your respective customer relationship management system.

ERP Integration

WLW Analytics is compatible with your ERP system. This allows you to integrate your internal administration process and work effectively. Connecting your ERP system also helps you to analyse if a search led to a sale and when it happened. Further useful components of WLW Analytics are potential and industry analysis, which help you to get a better idea about the development and success of certain products.




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